INF 180J - Introduction to Information Studies

Summer Session 2 2001
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An orientation to the breadth and depth of the dynamic and growing realm of information studies, the course introduces students to established and
emerging fields of the library and information science domain, to principal historical trends shaping theory and practice of the fields and the domain,and to some of the key issues and challenges facing the discipline.

This course is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts and historical trends within library and information science. It will present some of the key issues and controversies facing the information professional today. It will serve as a foundation to the other required courses within the GSLIS curriculum, and will provide students with a basic vocabulary within the information studies discipline.

The course will begin before students formally enter graduate school. A packet of materials is available to students approximately ten weeks before classes begin, and it is expected that students will read the materials at their own pace before the semester starts. The readings will then provide the background needed to fully participate in two required web-based discussions mediated by the instructor over the summer, and four large group discussions led by the instructor during the course of the fall semester. Students are required to actively participate in all these sessions, and must make-up or arrange for a replacement assignment if any of the six sessions are missed.

Finally, each student is required to shadow or interview someone who is professionally engaged in some aspect of library and information science. Students are expected to make arrangements for this activity on their own, but are encouraged to seek guidance from the course instructor. The student will document the experience by submitting a one page double-spaced report to the instructor. For summer students, the deadline for the report is July 27. For fall students, the report is due anytime on or before Tuesday, October 31.

Class meets July 21 and July 28 9:00-10:00A in SZB 468; web discussion on July 9 and July 24; additional on-line work.

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