INF 392M - Advanced Audio Preservation and Reformatting

Spring 2016
Unique ID: 27624
Syllabus:   Syllabus
Prof:  Cunningham, Sarah
Room: UTA 1.502
Days:  Mon
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Graduate standing and credit or registration for Information Studies 392L.

Exploration of changing concepts in the nature of audio information in different formats, issues of access within the context of preservation, criteria for prioritization of materials to be reformatted, considerations in invasive versus minimal restoration, and study of rare formats. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

Description: An advanced survey of the preservation of audio and the management of audio preservation programs including:
- Examination of how select national and local AV archives are organized
- Review of audio preservation literature
- Overview of methods used to appraise and catalog recordings
- Copyright issues pertaining to the preservation and access of historical recordings
- Role of vendors in the preservation of collections
- Update of current trends in the industry
- "Hands-on" methods used to digitize audio materials for preservation

Objectives: This class will build upon the foundation of the Introduction to Audio Preservation class. Students will gain an understanding of:
- Management of sound archives
- How to plan and manage a reformatting project
- What to look for when surveying an audio collection
- Current best practices and methods for preserving recordings
- The professional organizations working for the preservation of sound recordings
- Methods and materials used to predict the future of the field

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