INF 397C - Understanding Research

Spring 2016
Unique ID: 27635
Syllabus:   Syllabus
Prof:  Bailey, Diane
Room: UTA 1.208
Days:  Mon
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Graduate standing.

Survey of the goals, methods, processes, and products of systematic inquiry. Designed to prepare students to critically evaluate information studies research. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

collaboratively taught with Randolph Bias.

This course is designed to help you develop skills and awareness for understanding research in information studies. Expect a course flavored by an awareness of, and an appreciation for, various ways to conduct research. Expect assignments that will provide you with a chance to demonstrate that you understand the basics of these various ways of research. Expect some lecture, some discussion, and some hands-on in-class exercises. Expect to be surprised by how interesting (and painless) this stuff can be, regardless of how math phobic or narrative intolerant you may be. Expect to come out of the course being able to evaluate whether a piece of research you read about was appropriately designed and well conducted. Note that our fundamental goal is NOT to empower you to conduct your own research, but rather to well prepare you to be critical consumers of research in your academic and professional careers.

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