INF 392K - Problems in Permanent Retention of Electronic Records

Spring 2003
Unique ID: 45555
Syllabus:   Syllabus
Prof:  Galloway, Patricia
Room: SZB 546
Days:  Wed
Time: W 900-1200 noon

The course will focus upon what happens to electronic records from all sources, including preservation reformatting, once they have crossed the 'archival threshold' for permanent retention. The course will cover media refreshment, conversion to neutral formats vs. emulation to retain original format, migration, and electronic records repository construction and administration. Projects addressing these issues in government agencies will be discussed as case studies. Students will be introduced to existing practices in the information technology field and their appropriateness to archival requirements: code vaulting and escrow; data warehousing; knowledge management. The course will include a consideration of the issues of authenticity and reauthentication in the long-term preservation of electronic records. Issues of access including privacy and open records in the context of World Wide Web standards and digital library initiatives will also be addressed. (Graduate standing; consent of instructor)

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