INF 388L - Professional Experience and Project

Fall 2015
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Syllabus:   Syllabus
Prof:  Bailey, Diane
Room: UTA 1.504
Days:  Mon
Time: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Graduate standing, concurrent enrollment in Information Studies 181E, and completion of at least thirty semester hours of coursework in the graduate program in information studies.

Study of a practical problem, current phenomenon, or professional issue in an institutional setting. Students prepare a final project intended for publication.

Conference course.

Offered on the credit/no credit basis only.

Meets with INF 388R.

The PEP is intended to allow you to apply the knowledge you
gleaned from your coursework to a real-world problem in a
real-world setting.

Time Investment. We expect you to spend approximately 125 hours
on the project, spread evenly across the weeks in the semester,
conducting some piece of professional work above and beyond
whatever obligations you might already have at the organization.
Although you may take advantage of previous work done for the
sponsoring organization, and you may continue working on
additional elements of the project after the course formally
ends, you must structure your PEP such that it does not require
more than 125 hours of work and finishes by the last day of

Your Role and Ours. The iSchool strives to achieve as much
consistency as possible across the sections of the PEP course.
Your instructor will serve as a facilitator, less a
subject-matter expert and more an advisor to help you carry out
this “industrial-strength” piece of work. Your project
involves not only “learning,” but also “doing;” you will
have true ownership of it. Your instructor will contact your
field supervisor at the beginning of the semester to initiate a
channel of communication and to invite feedback at any point in
the semester. The primary responsibility, though, for maintaining
good communication with your field supervisor and resolving any
issues that come up lies with you. Your instructor is available
to offer you advice and counsel, to serve as a sounding board for
your concerns, to help you brainstorm solutions and, in severe
instances only, to mediate issues with your field supervisor.

The syllabus listed here is from 2014; I will revise it for the
fall but the essence will remain unchanged.

Old Syllabus:

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