INF 385T - Special Topics in Information Science: Designing Dynamic Web Pages

Spring 2011
Unique ID: 28650
Syllabus:   Syllabus
Prof:  Karadkar, Unmil
Room: UTA 1.210A
Days:  Tue
Time: 9:00 - 12:00 pm

Graduate standing. Additional prerequisites may vary with the topic.

Study of the properties and behavior of information. Technology for information processing and management.

Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

May be repeated for credit when the topics vary.

Principles and practices for designing, developing, and evaluating interactive desktop and mobile Web pages. Theories and models for color, styles, and interactive page elements, such as forms. Students will create and evaluate Web pages using current technologies, such as XTHML/HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash (the technologies used will change to keep up with real-world developments).

Prerequisite: Graduate standing

Topic Description:
Designing Dynamic Web Pages

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