INF 389G - Introduction to Electronic and Digital Records

Spring 2002
Unique ID: 45145
Syllabus:   Syllabus
Prof:  Galloway, Patricia
Room: SZB 464
Days:  Mon
Time: M 1:00-4:00P

Issues in management of records information in the electronic environment. (Graduate standing)

The management, preservation, and use of electronic records are all as yet problems with only partial solutions, but since governments and other human institutions have depend upon technologies of memory to assure their longevity, these problems must and will be solved by those who are charged with the custody and preservation of such records, at least in a way that will be good enough to achieve the ends of the institutions in question. The archivist called upon to solve them in a real-world setting will have to understand not just a set of ideal archival requirements, but how to cope with applying them to and tailoring them for an actual functional environment. In this course we will address primarily government records, although we will look at how the same principles apply (or not) to business and personal records. The object of the course is to provide an active overview of the issues that cluster around the acquisition, preservation, and use of electronic records.

Elective, no prerequisite

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