INF 389L - Photograph and Cinema Archives: Moving Image Archives

Spring 2002
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Room: SZB 468
Days:  Tue
Time: T 8:30-11:30A

History and characteristics of photographic processes, methods of organization of photographic materials, considerations in the preservation of photographic materials, and administration of collections of photographs and movies. (Graduate standing)

An introduction to the specialized field of moving image archives management. The course looks at the history of the media, the development of and models for moving image archives, and the place of film and video in general archival collections. Key functions including collection development, collection management, preservation and access will be addressed. While the course is international in its scope, particular emphasis will be placed on North American practice.
Topics to be covered

Introduction to the course; educational programs and courses in moving image and audiovisual management; sources of information; key organizations and institutions
History of moving image archiving
History and technology of film
History and technology of video
Student reports - moving image institutions

Topic Description:
Moving Image Archives

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