INF 385T.15 - Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems: Artificial Intelligence

Spring 2002
Unique ID: 45075
Syllabus:   Syllabus
Prof:  Harmon, E. Glynn
Room: SZB 468
Days:  Tue
Time: T 6:30-9:30P

Surveys the nature of intelligence and development of intelligent systems, including expert systems, neural networks and intelligent agents. Explores knowledge, engineering and the development and evaluation of intelligent information specialists. (Graduate standing)

Overview of the evolution of artificial intelligence and the prospects for super-intelligence, with an emphasis on knowledge-based systems. Includes such topics as knowledge acquisition, representation, classification, diagnosis and problem-solving, case and rule-based reasoning, data mining, connectionist models, search engines and agents, cognition, human-computer interfaces, and software deployment and evaluation. Professional application areas to be considered include library science, healthcare, business, engineering, aviation, and law.

Topic Description:
Artificial Intelligence

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