INF 385T.14 - Health Informatics

Spring 2002
Unique ID: 45070
Syllabus:   Syllabus
Prof:  Harmon, E. Glynn
Room: SZB 464
Days:  Tue Thur
Time: TH 3:00-6:00P

Applications of the theories and techniques of information science to biomedical information systems, including medical practice, nursing, biomedical research, pharmacology and the health-care system generally. (Graduate standing; LIS 382L.20)

Provides an overview of biomedical informatics -- the study of information resources and their utilization and impact within the basic biomedical sciences and within healthcare practice, education, research, administration, and enterprise. Focuses on the emergence, development, use, impact, and critical evaluation of online healthcare resources (e-Health), evidence-based health care, the infusion of genetic (bioinformatics) and alternative (integrative) approaches, the development of clinical protocols, and the impact of managed care and artificial intelligence.

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