INF 389J - Appraisal and Selection of Records

Fall 2001
Unique ID: 45945
Prof:  Galloway, Patricia
Room: SZB 464
Days:  Mon
Time: 9:00-12:00P

The Appraisal and Selection course will treat paper as well as electronic records. I plan to focus critically upon the following themes: what is the traditional theoretical basis for appraisal of archival materials, both records and manuscripts, and the social setting for its emergence; what were the effects of the shift to a 'documentation strategy' as social history gained importance after the 1960s in the US; what are the changes implied and entailed by electronic records; and what have been the impacts of changes in archival practice on the structure of the archival record. Students will investigate how (and when and if!) archivists document their appraisal decisions (using standard handbooks and internal documentation from archival institutions). Each student will carry out an appraisal project based upon her/his own interests (paper, electronic, multimedia) but informed by the theoretical discussion in the course.
(Graduate standing)

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