INF 389C.15 - Security and Authenticity in Digital and Electronic Records

Fall 2001
Unique ID: 45940
Prof:  Galloway, Patricia
Room: SZB 468
Time: 12:00-3:00P

This course will deal in detail with two main themes. First, we will learn about the main ways that archival electronic records can be secured in repository and non-repository settings. This topic will include digital signature and encryption methods as well as means of providing physical security and securing supporting computer systems. Second, and more fundamentally, the course will consider what it is that we are attempting to secure: documentary authenticity and what it means in the digital environment. Included under this topic is a consideration of the historical meaning of authenticity in archival thought, from foundations in the physical-record environment to current considerations introduced by electronic records. We will consider the notions of records as representations of actions and the meaning of 'copy' in the digital environment.
(Graduate standing; LIS 389C.1 or LIS 389C.4)

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