Spring 2022

I 310M Introduction to Health Informatics

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02:00 PM - 03:30 PM  PAR 304
In Person


Explore designing and implementing information technologies to improve healthcare delivery, healthcare management, and health outcomes.

Offered on the letter-grade basis only.


Introduction to Health Informatics (I310M) is designed for
undergraduate students who are interested in health informatics – an
interdisciplinary professional specialty and scientific discipline that aims
to improve all aspects of health through information technology. This course
is divided into three parts: (1) health informatics foundations, (2) health
information technologies, and (3) using health informatics to improve health.
Since health informatics is an interdisciplinary field, we will cover
literature ranging from health sciences, information science, computer
science, and social sciences. Students will learn core concepts of health
informatics through lectures, discussions, quizzes, and a group project. The
overall goal of this course is to help students become ethical and competent
professionals who can leverage health informatics to enhance health delivery,
management, and outcomes.


Credit or registration for Informatics 301.


Restricted to undergraduate Informatics/Information Studies degree seekers.