Fall 2021

INF 385T Special Topics in Information Science : Product and Project Management

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06:30 PM - 09:30 PM  

Synchronous class meetings conducted online.



Introduction to product and project management concepts as a foundation for UX, library sciences and other related fields.


This course introduces digital product and project management concepts and lays the foundations for students across multiple career pathways. Product management plays at the intersection of technology, experience and business. It involves understanding customers� pain points and needs, creating an inspiring vision and a phased roadmap, getting buy-in from executives, influencing and managing internal stakeholders, leading and inspiring those who will work on executing the product roadmap and evangelizing the product.
Project management is applicable to anyone managing any type of project - at work or in personal life. Ensuring that the project is scoped correctly, budgeted, on time and at cost is critical to the success of any project. Students will learn how to apply these core concepts and skills from product & project management in their respective fields. Students will be exposed to various perspectives in these areas through eminent guest speakers from various companies.


Graduate standing.


iSchool students prioritized during earlier registration periods. Additional seats may become available for outside students in a later period.