Fall 2021

INF 385T Special Topics in Information Science : Ontology Design

Unique ID: 28860


06:30 PM - 09:30 PM  

Synchronous online class meetings conducted via Zoom.



The first part of this course covers essential knowledge needed to create sound and interoperable metadata schemas and their application profiles (APS), which provide the bases for metadata interoperability. Designing metadata schemas and their APs will be done using XML Editors. Its focus will be on how to achieve syntactic interoperability among diverse metadata. The second part of the course will be focused on providing students with in-depth knowledge of how to design and implement sound ontologies for semantic systems. Particular attention will be given to smart use of ontology languages such as RDF/OWL (W3C standard) and topic maps (ISO standard). In a summary, this course will be focused on designing and implementing interoperable metadata and ontology schemas using XML and Ontology Editors. However, it will not deal with developing interfaces of those systems, so programming skills are not required for this class.


Graduate standing.


Registration priority given to iSchool students. Additional seats may open up for outside students in a later registration period.