Class Description

Fall 2020

INF 390N Information Policy : Cybersecurity Law and Policy

Unique ID: 27327 Robert Chesney
2:40 pm - 3:55 pm


A deep dive into a broad range of legal and policy issues associated with cybersecurity, intended as a comprehensive introduction to the topic and the many public and private institutions involved in it.


No technical background is required or assumed, and graduate students from across the campus are encouraged to enroll. If you are in doubt, want to ask questions about it, or just want to express enthusiasm, please email me at

To get a full sense of the course, including extensive details regarding exactly what the course will cover, how it will be graded, etc., please check out the "master document"--that is, the combined syllabus-policies-readings document--from last fall. It is posted here:


Graduate standing. Additional prerequisites may vary with the topic.


Synchronous class meetings conducted online.

Cross-listing of LAW 379M, hosted by the School of Law.


Registration priority given to iSchool students. Additional seats may open up for outside students in a later registration period.