Class Description

Fall 2020

I 310 Topics in Introductory Informatics : User Experience and Design Thinking

Unique ID: 27036 Michelle Peterson
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm Syllabus


The rapid expansion of the Internet, e-commerce, and mobile devices has brought software user experience design into prominence. As more and more information exists in electronic form (and sometimes ONLY in electronic form), the storage and retrieval of information is increasingly a human-computer interaction (HCI) design problem. In the modern world, it’s increasingly important for product managers, designers, and developers to depend NOT on their own intuitions as to what designs are likely to be usable. The way user interface designers and developers address this intentionally is by pursuing a practice of “user-centered design” (UCD). UCD involves employing a collection of user experience engineering methods across the life-cycle of a software product (or, indeed, any product, workflow, or other artifact).

The class will cover three major areas:
1 – perceptual psychology, cognitive psychology, and other scientific underpinnings of user experience
2 – the methods used in the pursuit of UCD, and
3 – careers in UX.


Syllabus from Fall 2019 can be found here:


Synchronous class meetings conducted online.