Dissertation Proposal: Caroline Stratton


<b>Speaker</b>: Caroline Stratton

<b>Title</b>: (Re)focusing on development: An approach to theorizing about ICT4D


I propose a qualitative case study investigation of information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D) ecosystems in two Latin American countries. Two problems, one practical and one theoretical, motivate the proposal. First, ICT4D initiatives frequently fail to attain goals for technology implementation and development outcomes, despite high spending on such initiatives. Second, without a substantial theoretical base, the ICT4D literature does little to interpret the relationship between information and communication technologies (ICT) and development. A better understanding of the relationship between ICT and development would potentially improve project design and lead to higher rates of success in ICT4D practice. To begin theorizing about ICT and development, I lay out a multiple case study research design to investigate ICT4D projects and their surroundings in different contexts of development policy and institutional structures. I will use ethnographic observation and qualitative semi-structured interviews to collect data at two geographic sites, Medell?n, Colombia and the Santa Cruz department1 of Bolivia. The expected contribution of this research is theory that relates ICT adoption and use to development outcomes. Additionally, the research will yield case studies of ICT4D in Latin America, a region neglected by the ICT4D research community.


7:00am to 9:00am


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