School of Information Class Templates

  1. Download the class templates [ | course_templates.tar.gz] and fill in the information relevant to the class.
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Replace example information with your information
  4. Upload to the server

Note that the links to images and the stylesheet are all explicit and so there should be no need for you to download images etc.

Ignore everything between the <? and ?> signs, except where it states that you can change the name of the class. The code between these signs is php and will be replaced automatically with the iSchool header, navigation, and graphics. You might want to try making a few changes and then putting them online to see how they work.

These pages are a good start, but feel free to modify them as you see fit or use . Contact Marci Coleman if you have any questions or additional needs. The lab staff should also be able to assist you during lab hours.

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