Colloquium: Yuhao Zhu (UT Austin/Harvard): The Watt Wise Web


Title : The Watt Wise Web

Speaker: Yuhao Zhu (UT Austin / Harvard)

Location: UTA 5.522 (1616 Guadalupe St., 5th Floor)


Mobile computing is experiencing a technological renaissance, and the Web is Florence. Throughout the past decade, the Web has redefined the way people retrieve information, communicate with one another, and extract insights. Although rife with opportunity, the energy-constrained nature of mobile devices is a major roadblock to the potential that next-generation Web technologies promise. While traditional techniques to improve energy-efficiency fall short due to process technology limitations, this talk will discuss how rethinking the conventional abstractions across the hardware/software interface enables us to architect better systems for an energy-efficient mobile Web. In particular, I will describe a mobile processor architecture specialized for Web technologies as well as Web programming language support that empowers developers to make calculated trade-offs between energy-efficiency and end-user quality-of-experience. Together, they form a deeply-seeded hardware/software co-design substrate that enables an energy-efficient yet responsible mobile Web.


Yuhao Zhu is a visiting Research Fellow at Harvard University and a final year Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. He is interested in designing and prototyping better hardware and software systems to make next-generation mobile and cloud computing fast, energy-efficient, intelligent, and safe. His dissertation work on energy-efficient mobile computing has been supported by the Google Ph.D. fellowship.

Homepage: http://yuhaozhu.com/


1:15pm to 2:30pm


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