Colloquium: Negin Dahya (University of Washington)


Date/Time/Location: Tuesday, 2018.11.27, 1:15-2:30pm, UTA 5.522


Social Support Networks, Instant Messaging, and Gender Equity in Refugee Education


This talk addresses the role of instant messaging chat groups to support teacher training and gender equity initiatives in Kenyan refugee camps. Our findings are based on survey data with refugee teachers in Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps (n=203), group interviews with refugee teachers in Kakuma (n=21), and interviews with international Instructors of teacher training programs (n=14) asking about the role of instant messaging in the professional development of teachers. In our analysis, we apply Amplification Theory, Feminist Science and Technology Studies, and Transnationalism to understand and surface meaningful outcomes in the use of instant messaging among refugee teacher communities. We find that women draw on transnational and peer-to-peer communication networks, through IM and group chat, to support both their social and academic needs in their teaching training and in their work as teachers. We also find that peer-to-peer group chats draw on transnational learning opportunities and, among both men and women, further use group chats with the community to initiate and propel cultural changes and educational practices related to girls’ and women’s education. International Instructors identify value and hesitations navigating the quantity and the content of these communications. This work has implications for practice in the structure and organization of transnational teacher training in refugee camps and to support gender equity in refugee education.


Dr. Negin Dahya is an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington Information School (UW iSchool), Seattle, Washington. Her research areas include gender and racial equity related to digital media with two communities of focus: first, she studies the role digital video production programs that aim to foster critical media literacy among girls of color in North America; second, she works with refugee communities internationally exploring the role of mobile telephones and social media networks to support teaching and learning practices in refugee camps, and to enhance girls’ and women’s involvement in education. Dahya is the co-convener for the Inter-Agency Network of Education in Emergencies and served on the Programming Board (2014-2017) for the Seattle-based nonprofit social justice agency, Reel Grrls.


1:15pm to 2:30pm


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