Colloquium: Dr. Rose Miron


Event Begins: 1:15PM and Ends: 2:30PM

Location: UTA, 5.522 (5th floor)

Weekly Research Colloquium at the University of Texas at Austin

Speaker: Rose Miron, Ph.D. (National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition)

Title: Locating and Gathering the Records of U.S. Indian Boarding Schools: Truth, Healing, and Data Sovereignty

There is a significant amount of literature that examines the history and impacts of U.S. Indian boarding schools, and yet, there has been little to no work that examines these schools across the United States comprehensively and comparatively. Moreover, there is still so much we do not know about what happened in boarding schools. Much of this stems from the fact that the records of boarding schools are scattered in public archives across the U.S. or being held by churches or the U.S. government in private collections. In this talk, Dr. Rose Miron will discuss how the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition (NABS) is seeking to locate the records of these schools and how doing so informs their efforts to find out the truth about what happened during the boarding school era. Locating these records helps the Coalition in their efforts to locate children who went missing when they were taken into government custody, support tribal repatriation efforts from boarding school cemeteries, and inform community-led healing across tribal nations. Long-term, the Coalition seeks to gather these records in a single, digital repository where they can be made more accessible to tribes and boarding school survivors and descendants while still adhering to data sovereignty principles—meaning tribal nations will maintain control over how and if the records about their tribal citizens are shared. Placed in the context of other boarding school records and shaped by the worldviews of Native people and their understanding and interpretations of these materials, the records NABS seeks to collect and organize in a single archive will reshape the way research around the history of boarding schools is done and how we understand the boarding school era and its true impacts.

Bio for Rose Miron, Ph.D.

Dr. Rose Miron joined the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition in May 2018 as its Program Manager. Rose holds a bachelor’s degree in History with a minor in Spanish and Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Minnesota. In her dissertation, “Mohican Archival Activism: Narrating Indigenous Nationalism,” Rose examined how indigenous nations use tribal archives to recover and reclaim authority over their historical materials and by extension, their history. She showed how tribal archives are foundational for creating new narratives of indigenous history that center indigenous voices, speak truth about historical violence, and emphasize indigenous nationalism. Rose’s dissertation was based in seven years of community engagement and collaboration with the Stockbridge-Munsee Mohican Nation, and she focused on the formation of their tribal archive to tell a story of memory, labor, and indigenous activism. Rose has also worked on several public history projects that sought to raise awareness about past and present historical violence, including a digital project that called attention to similar histories of detention at Fort Snelling in St. Paul, MN and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. She also co-curated two collaborative exhibits with the Red Lake Ojibwe Nation that were led by Dr. Brenda Child (Red Lake Ojibwe) and has published numerous pieces that interrogate how we think about trauma and comfort in public history. Her work has been featured in The North Dakota Quarterly and The National Council on Public History, and she has an article about repatriation and public memory coming out next year in the journal Native American and Indigenous Studies.

Speaker: Rose Miron, Ph.D., Program Manager, National Native American

Boarding School Healing Coalition, 2525 E. Franklin Ave., Ste 150,

Minneapolis, MN 55406 [www.boardingschoolhealing.org]

Topic: National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition

More details, including her bio and abstract will follow."


1:15pm to 2:30pm


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