Colloquium: Doug Ord, Emi Ishita, Ken Fleischmann: Automatic Detection of Human Values: Computational Social Science in Action


Douglas W. Oard, Emi Ishita, and Kenneth R. Fleischmann

In this talk, we will discuss findings resulting from an extended

collaboration between social scientists (Ken Fleischmann and An-Shou

Cheng) and computer scientists (Doug Oard, Emi Ishita, Yasuhiro

Takayama, and Yoichi Tomiura). Our research has focused on identifying

human values in texts, specifically in testimonies prepared for U.S.

Senate, House, and FCC hearings related to net neutrality. We began

this work by using content analysis to manually identify values, and

have also used these manual codes as training data for machine

learning, which has the potential to allow us to cheaply and

effectively scale up our approach to web scale.

Douglas W. Oard is a Professor at the University of Maryland, College

Park, with joint appointments in the College of Information Studies

and the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS). Dr. Oard

earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of

Maryland. His research interests center around the use of emerging

technologies to support information seeking by end users, most notably

on interactive techniques for cross-language information retrieval, on

searching conversational media such as speech or email, on

e-discovery, and on supporting information access in large archival

collections. Additional information is available at


Emi Ishita is an Associate Professor at Kyushu University, Japan,with

appointments in the Department of Library Science and the Research and

Development Division of the University Library. Ms. Ishita earned her

Master of Information Science from the University of Library and

Information Science (Japan). She was a visiting scholar at the

University of Maryland from Aug, 2008 to Aug, 2009. Her research

interests include application of text categorization in libraries,

automated genre classification, and education in Library and

Information Science.Additional information is available at


Kenneth R. Fleischmann is an Associate Professor in the School of

Information at UT-Austin. Dr. Fleischmann holds degrees in Computer

Science, Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies. His research

focuses on understanding the role of human values in the design and

use of information technologies. His research employs qualitative,

quantitative, and computational methods. His research has been funded

by nine grants and fellowships from the National Science Foundation

(NSF) as well as funding from the Intelligence Advanced Research

Projects Activity (IARPA), and has been published in leading journals

such as Journal of the American Society for Information Science and

Technology (JASIST), Communications of the ACM, Computer, and The

Information Society. His collaborative papers have received the

iConference Best Paper Award and the ASIS&T SIG-USE Best Paper Award.

He recently published Information and Human Values as part of Morgan &

Claypool?s Synthesis Lectures on Information Concepts, Retrieval, and

Services series. He also serves as the Director of Doctoral Studies

and as an Associate Editor of The Information Society.


10:30am to 11:45am


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