Colloquium: Anne Gilliland (UCLA)


The King is Naked! The Impact of Trauma, Loss and Disenchantment upon Archivists and Archival Agency in Countries Emerging out of the Former Yugoslavia.

The impact of personal affect upon individual archivists' sense of professional agency, situational ethics and commitment to shift the status quo is insufficiently acknowledged and remains poorly understood within archival studies. This paper will discuss the affect associated with trauma, loss and disenchantment and its impact upon archivists and their sense of archival agency in the post-communist and post-conflict countries of Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia that emerged out of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY). Specifically, the paper will contemplate stories and themes emerging from the author's current fieldwork in light of those surfaced by a growing body of literature generated from within social and sociocultural anthropology, psychology, philosophy, law and affect studies, among other fields, that addresses the nature of affect, especially trauma, and how it is experienced in and over time by those who have lived through conflicts and their aftermath. The latter themes include the affective interplay between history, memory and place; the role of narrative; the importance of social support and of integrating the social and the cultural; the interpretation of meaningful silences; the nature of coping mechanisms; and disenchantment with the state.


UTA 5.522

7:15am to 8:30am


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