1. Make sure that your professor has informed the sysadmin (via the iSchool Helpdesk) that you are a TA so that he can give you permissions to add directories and files.
    1. If you are using the optional templates provided:
      Download the class templates [ | course_templates.tar.gz] and fill in the information relevant to the class.
    2. If you are using your own format for the pages:
      Create your own set of class syllabus pages.
  2. Login via FTP to courses.ischool.utexas.eduwith your own iSchool account name and password.
  3. Change to the /home/courses directory if you have not already done so.
  4. Find the directory with the path formatted: ProfessorLastName_FirstName/year/semester,
    example: /Melanie_Feinberg/2013/Fall
  5. If this does not yet exist, add it now
  6. If there is not already a directory for the class, create one in the appropriate year/semester directory using the format:
    DepartmentAbbreviationCourseNumber, such as INF387C
  7. Drop any web pages and other files right into the course directory. You DO NOT need a public_html.
  8. Test the URL for your page by using a web browser to view:

    Using the example above it would be:

    If this does not seem to work, try navigating from the bottom, starting at:
  9. Email the new URL to the Course Scheduling Coordinator, Aaron Ulmer, who will add a link from the online class listing.
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