An appointment as a Teaching Assistant (TA) in the School of Information is made to assist a faculty member with his or her instructional responsibilities. Such appointments provide an opportunity for students to develop mentoring relationships and specialized research or technology skills.


  1. Students must be enrolled in either the master's or doctoral School of Information program.
  2. Students must be registered as a full-time student during the appointment period (9 semester credit hours for fall or spring and 3 semester credit hours for summer session).
  3. Appointment as a School of Information TA is open to School of Information master's and doctoral students who are in good standing in their individual degree programs. A student on academic probation or working off conditions from admission is not eligible for appointment as a TA.
  4. Continued eligibility is based on faculty evaluations.
  5. Preference will be given to doctoral students and continuing master's students.

Application Process

  1. Student completes the Student Funding Application.
  2. Awards Committee reviews applicant pool.
  3. Awards Committee compiles list of eligible applicants.
  4. Faculty members who qualify for TA assistance select TA from applicant pool.
  5. Appointments will be announced before the end of the semester.

Selection Criteria

Appointment as a TA is made to assist a faculty member with their instructional duties. TA appointments are dependent upon:

  1. Availability of funds
  2. Academic merit of applicant (GPA - minimum of 3.5 required, GRE, academic achievement award)
  3. Specialized knowledge or skills
  4. Appointment as a School of Information TA, usually, is made for two long-term semesters (fall and spring) or for the summer
  5. Appointments may be renewed at the option of the Awards Committee based on faculty evaluations


Within the overall guidelines of the University of Texas at Austin, the School of Information Awards Committee may make judicious exceptions to the above policies when deemed necessary.

TA Resources

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