Support Excellence Today and Tomorrow with a Permanent Endowment

Endowments provide an important part of the iSchool’s budget as they are reliable sources of income that can be forecast from year to year. Endowed funds enable us to provide more than 20 named scholarships and fellowships each year to our master's and Ph.D. students. Other endowments support the work of our talented faculty. Endowed excellence funds allow us to innovate our work, support student activities, and react to emergencies and unforeseen opportunities. As permanent gifts that create available funds every year, endowments ensure that the iSchool will continue to attract the most qualified students and the highest caliber of faculty, and ultimately educate the professionals who will make a significant difference in our professional fields and for the benefit of our society.

Endowment Funding Levels

The minimum funding levels for the types of endowments below are set by the University of Texas System as of September 1, 1997.

Faculty Support

Endowed Chair $1,000,000
For deans, department chairs, or superior faculty
Endowed Professorship $300,000
For outstanding faculty members
Endowed Faculty Fellowship $150,000
For any rank of faculty member

Graduate Student Support

Endowed Presidential Fellowship $100,000
Graduate student awards from $3,500 annually
Graduate Fellowship $50,000
Graduate student awards
Graduate Research Endowment $40,000
Graduate student research

Other Endowments

Excellence Funds $25,000
Endowed funds to provide unrestricted resources to the dean
Endowed Book Fund $10,000
For the acquisition of books and teaching materials
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